Travel industry is a kind of a huge and a very big one. Sure all countries have their travel factors that help to promote it's business, the national income and to hire a lot of man-power. Moses Travel is seeking to increase the big number of tourists coming to Egypt to show them what's Egypt. But we do show Egypt according to our way and our style, so we do provide all kind of tours that suit everyone's style and budget. Also, we do give you the possibility to choose the program you like as we do offer a lot of programs, or by giving you the possibility of tailoring your dream program and your available time. We don't commit our guests with a very special date, but we leave you to choose the program you want or the program you want to tailor then we organise the rest of the program according to your timing, and then we send it to you aback to confirm or to modify. In case of existing more than one choice for your program, we send you the available ones to choose between.

According to the new statistics, a lot of billions of people shall travel around the world during the near future , so we would share and join these new statistics with the world of Egypt where history took place since hundreds of centuries ago.

Our vision is to try to discover the still hidden secrets of Egypt with our guests and to join them together to narrate each one's story in the world of the famous pharaohs through a special channel to be as one big and enormous family called as Moses international family.