What should I bring with me?


Usually we recommend for not forgetting your camera for the best photos along your tour, some comfortable shoes, a hat and a good material made cloth like cotton (recommended).

During the summer we don't recommend dark colored cloths because of the heat.

which type of cloth should i bring (for men)?

For men, it's easy to wear anything including shorts and it's recommended to bring some if you go to south of Egypt because of the hot weather.

which kind of cloth should i bring (for women)?

It's strongly recommended to be long dressed using cotton or linen made dresses to avoid the heat.

How can i get a visa entry to Egypt?

You can get a visa entry to Egypt through 2 ways; firstl, you may apply for a visa in advance through the Egyptian embassy using your passport which should be valid for at least 6 months. Second way, which is much easier is getting the visa entry upon arrival from Cairo air port or Luxor airport with at least 6 months valid passport.

Can i combine another visa entry for any other country?

You may do it prior the departure of your country to be much easier for you and many persons combine their visit to Egypt with another country of the Middle East such as Jordan, Turkey, Israel,... or Europe such as Greece or North Africa such as Tunisia or Morroco.

Is it easy to buy alcoholic drinks and cigarettes?

 It's always recommended for tourists to buy what they do need of alcoholic drinks from the duty free shop upon arrival and within just 24 hours. It's allowed for them to purchase till 4 litters of alcohol and maximum 200 cigarettes, however it's easy to find cigarettes everywhere.

Is it easy to purchase alcoholic drinks from somewhere else?

You may find alcoholic drinks served just at hotels and Nile cruises with high prices because all is imported and permitted by ministery of tourism.

Can i get my own supply of alcohol and cigarettes?

 According to the country regulation, you are allowed to bring till maximum 1 littre and up to 200 cigarettes.

What is the regular start time of the archaeological sites?

 It differs from Noth of Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) to South of Egypt (Luxor and Aswan); most of the sites open at 8 a.m till 4 p.m (winter time) and from 8 a.m till 5 p.m (summer time). In Upper Egypt they do start at 6 a.m because of the hot weather till 5 p.m (Karnak temple, Edfu temple and Philae temple because of the sound and light show) while the others stay till 7 p.m.

What are the regular problems may face the tourist' health?

 Usually, tourists may face some problem because of the heat, especially in upper Egypt and during the summer time where the temperature average between 38 and 42 in the summer, 19 and 24 in the winter. However it is a very good dry weather there. And or they might face some upsetting stomach problem because of drinking the tap water which is not totally recommended or eat from some local restaurants that are not recommended by the ministery of tourism.

Is health insurance necessary prior travelling?

 Health insurance is strongly recommended to be taken prior your trip. and in case of need it, there are some doctors and medical centers who consult you and get paid, then they give a certificate and a report of the case with the bill to reclaim them through your insurance.

Is there some infectious diseases need for especial vaccination?

 Egypt is located in Africa but as a modern country does not have any kind of infectious diseases or epidemics.

what is the currency of Egypt?

 The Egyptian pound is the main and official currency and each note has an English wrtitten face and the other is an arabic written one. Also is called pound because of the British ocupation during the last century.

Is it possible to use any other currencies?

 In Egypt we have a lot of banks and many exchange offices where you can change money wheather USD or Euros. however, in many different places you can use your official money.

What should i do when i change money from a bank?

 You are requested to keep the receipt of changing your money in case you have some Egyptian pounds to change again in your official currency.

Is it possible to use credit cards?

 Easily, you can use your credit card in many different places to pay whatever in your hotel, your Nile cruise or in some known places and recommended by your tour guide or your tour escort. However, it's not recommended to use it in the open air markets like the famous market of Cairo; Khan el Khalili or at any other opened area with an opened market.

What are the types of credit cards used in Egypt?

 Generally, all types of credit cards are used in Egypt but to make it easy for you, most of places and persons prefer Visa, Master Card and American Express. However, to use American Express shall cost you more money as a commission of the bank which is roughly 7% of the total sum.

What is the official language of Egypt?

 Arabic is the main language of the country, however you may find a lot of people speaks another language such as English, French, German, Spanish and many others but the common one is English. So, it shall be easy to find a help if needed.

Is it allowed to use camera inside the archaeological sites?

 You must bring your digital camera or video camera for taking photos in some unforgettable places, but there are some places where one can not take photos like the Egyptian Museum, the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, inside the tombs of Vally of the Queens or inside the tombs of the cemetery of Sakkara for one purpose, which is preserving the colours of the paintings on the wall. Apart of this , you may take photos in many different places.

What about tipping?

 Tipping is a culture and a way of life in Egypt. Always people who serve us , wait for some appreciation (tipping) because of the low salaries.

All people works in the tourism field depend on tipping as a part of their life, starting by your rep, tour guide, your driver, crew of the Nile cruise and any hotel. So, tipping shall be recommended by your tour guide or your tour escort to tell you how much you would leave for the others.